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About Us

  Introduction of to the Foundation's activities

  The Takeda Foundation was established by Ikuo Takeda, the founder of Takeda Riken, the present Advantest, in the April of 2001. Efforts have been made in the research and publicity programs to explore and clarify the states and directions of cutting-edge technologies in the society from the view viewpoint of people worldwide, whose population is said to be 6.3 to 6.4 billion at present.

  The Foundation holds the Takeda Symposium and Cafe de Science, and conducts research on the management of technology development. The mission of the Foundation is to put shed light on entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial achievements that have made or will make significant contributions to the increasinge in the wealth, richness, and happiness of people. Such achievements include the development of technologies of semiconductor and PC soft ware in PCtechnologies, information technologies that to enable global communication, high quality medical treatments and diagnosis diagnoses based on knowledge about genomes and DNA, and measurement technologies that can be used to help us assess the extent of damages in to our the environment. These achievements have been brought to people by through the efforts of entrepreneurs and by people's selectionby people. The foundation Foundation tackles research and publicity programs focusing on the knowledge created by scientists and engineers, and entrepreneurship that would translates the this knowledge into actual goods and services. These activities are carried out by our program Program officersOfficers, and that's one of thea leading characteristics of our foundationFoundation.

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