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Dreams of a Twisted Mind, November 2002

The prize-winning achievements of the Takeda Award 2002 were explained by our staff at the press conference on September 17 this year. Although already mentioned in my statement at the press conference, I would like to emphasize once again just one thing here.

We have a consistent policy of awarding those who made entrepreneurial efforts to create engineering knowledge and have succeeded in completing achievements that bring richness and happiness to people.

As I already stated elsewhere in this Proceedings, most of the prize-awarding foundations have award selecting criteria based on creativity in academic disciplines. There are great many prize-awarding foundations in the world and thanks to these foundations, human knowledge has been accumulated as time goes by. When I visited Sweden to attend the First Takeda Symposium last June, I caught a glimpse of the knowledge accumulated by the efforts of the Nobel Prize. Academic knowledge is most important and I really respect it.

Human life has been growing rich, because it has been based on accumulated and progressive academic knowledge. However, as the 21 Century unfolds, we are observing a new era which is created by a broader knowledge not restricted by academic standards. This era of the future can be decided by people's choice. It is critically important not to miss any change we can observe. Of course, realization of new technology to meet new people's needs should be academically supported. The acceptance of the 2002 Nobel Prize in Chemistry by Mr. Koichi Tanaka is a good example.

We are just a newly established foundation and need help from many intellectuals to study what kind of "engineering knowledge, and entrepreneurship" can bring richness and happiness to people. When we select achievements for the Takeda Award, we first collect nominations proposed by nominators all over the world, and then achievements are selected by the selection committee that consists of intellectuals at the highest levels in various fields. We are hoping to collect the newest and best, as yet recognized achievements from all over the world. We put emphasis on the contribution to the richness and happiness of people. We want this Award to be a people's award selected by people. We would like to nurture this award by obtaining supports and critiques from as many people as possible.

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