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Social/Economic Well-Being
Isamu Akasaki
Hiroshi Amano
Shuji Nakamura

Individual/Humanity Well-Being
Patrick O. Brown
Stephen P. A. Fodor

World Environmental Well-Being
Charles Elachi
Nobuyoshi Fugono
Ken'ichi Okamoto

Social/Economic Well-Being
Technical Achievement: The Development of Blue Light Emitting Semiconductor Devices - Development of the blue light emitting diode and laser diode is the final link in completing the light spectrum for semiconductor devices.

Hiroshi Amano
Hiroshi Amano
1983 Bachelor of Engineering, Nagoya University
1985 Master of Engineering, Nagoya University
1989 Doctor of Engineering, Nagoya University
1988 Research Associate, Nagoya University
1992 Assistant Professor, Meijo University
1998 Associate Professor, Meijo University
2002-present Professor, Meijo University

1994 Optoelectronics Conference Special Award (with Dr. Akasaki)
1996 IEEE/LEOS Engineering Achievement Award (with Drs. Akasaki and Nakamura)
1998 Japanese Journal of Applied Physics Award for the best review paper (with Dr. Akasaki)
1998 British Rank Prize (with Drs. Akasaki and Nakamura)
2001 Marubun Academic Award

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