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Social/Economic Well-Being
Isamu Akasaki
Hiroshi Amano
Shuji Nakamura

Individual/Humanity Well-Being
Patrick O. Brown
Stephen P. A. Fodor

World Environmental Well-Being
Charles Elachi
Nobuyoshi Fugono
Ken'ichi Okamoto

Social/Economic Well-Being
Technical Achievement: The Development of Blue Light Emitting Semiconductor Devices - Development of the blue light emitting diode and laser diode is the final link in completing the light spectrum for semiconductor devices.

Isamu Akasaki
Isamu Akasaki
1950 B.Sc., Faculty of Science, Kyoto University
1964 Ph.D., Nagoya University
1952 Joined Kobe Kogyo Corporation (currently Fujitsu Ltd.)
1959 Associate Professor, Nagoya University
1964-1974 Matsushita Research Institute Tokyo, Inc.
1981-1992 Professor, Nagoya University
1992-Present Professor, Meijo University

1995 International Symposium on Compound Semiconductors (ISCS) Award 1995 Heinrich Welker Gold Medal
1996 IEEE/LEOS Engineering Achievement Award (with Drs. Amano and Nakamura)
1997 Medal with Purple Ribbon, Government of Japan
1998 Laudise Prize, The International Organization for Crystal Growth (IOCG)
1998 C&C Prize (with Dr. Nakamura)
1998 IEEE Jack A. Morton Award (with Dr. Nakamura)
1998 British Rank Prize (with Drs. Nakamura and Amano)
1999 Electrochemical Society (ECS) Solid State Science and Technology Award
1999 Honoris Causa of University of Montpellier
2000 Toray Science and Technology Prize
2001 Asahi Prize (with Dr. Nakamura)
2001 Honoris Causa of Linkuoping University, Sweden
2002 Highest Achievement Award of the Japan Society of Applied Physics (JSAP)
2002 Fujihara Prize
He is honored with many other awards.

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