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Notice: Concerning the 2003 Takeda Awards and the Takeda Techno-Entrepreneurship Awards

Release Date: July 7, 2003

The Takeda Foundation was established in 2001 and has been presenting awards to people who have made scientific and technological achievements that have enhanced or will enhance the value of human life and lead to an increase in the wealth, richness and happiness of people. At present the Foundation is small but working very hard to be a unique entity recognized by many people.

However, the ongoing economic recession has badly affected the financial situation of the Foundation, and we have been reviewing our 2003 activities to restructure the financial situation. We have decided to stop conducting two awarding programs, the Takeda Awards and the Takeda Techno-Entrepreneurship Awards, and to concentrate on the research and publicity programs until the Foundation is restored to a healthy financial situation. We are very sorry to announce this news but hope all people will understand our situation and support our decision. We apologize to those people who nominated candidates for the 2003 Takeda Awards, those who responded to the recruitment of session titles for the 2003 Takeda Techno-Entrepreneurship Awards, and those who have been supporting the Foundation's activities for our failure to meet your expectations.

For the moment, we will concentrate on research and publicity programs to deepen the concepts of the Foundation and try to restore a healthy financial situation so that we can restart the awarding programs. We sincerely hope all people including nominators, past awardees, friends, and supporters of the Foundation will understand situation and support our decision. We also hope all these people continue to support the Foundation and its activities.