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Social/Economic Well-Being
Ken Sakamura
Richard M. Stallmam
Linus Torvalds

Individual/Humanity Well-Being
Michael W. Hunkapiller
J. Craig Venter

World Environmental Well-Being
Friedrich Schmidt-Bleek
Ernst U. von Weizsaecker

World Environmental Well-Being
The development and promotion of the Ecological Rucksacks and Material Input Per unit Service (MIPS) concepts, as measures of the ecological stress of products and services

Technical Achievement: His contribution in refining and promoting the Ecological Rucksacks and Material Input Per unit Service (MIPS) concepts.

Ernst U. von Weizsaecker
Ernst U. von Weizsaecker
1965 Diploma, Chemistry and Physics, University of Hamburg
1969 Ph.D., Biology, University of Freiburg
1991 President of Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy
since 1998 Member of the German Parliament

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