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Achievement Fact
Individual/Humanity Well-Being

Executive Summary
Achievement and Creativity
1. Development of high-throughput DNA sequencers
2. The shotgun strategies
3. Repercussion effects
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Achievement Fact

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Achievement Fact
Techno-Entrepreneurial Achievements for Individual/Humanity Well-Being
Technical Achievement: The development of a large-scale genome sequencing system by establishing "the whole genome shotgun strategy" that utilizes modularized data acquisition system and high-throughput DNA sequencers
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The prize is awarded jointly to Michael W. Hunkapiller (Applied Biosystems) and J.Craig Venter (Celera Genomics).
Michael W. Hunkapiller Michael W. Hunkapiller is honored for his contribution to the development of the automated high-throughput DNA sequencers and the promotion of the foundation of Celera Genomics.

J.Craig Venter J.Craig Venter is honored for the foundation of Celera Genomics and the development of "the whole genome shotgun strategy."

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