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FAQ -Frequrntly Asked Questions-

These are FAQ of the Takeda Techno-Entrepreneurship Award 2002.
If you have a question, please contact us !

Submission of Research Proposals
Intellectual Property
Cyber Workshops
Selection of Award Recipients

Submission of Research Proposals

Q. Can I submit more than one research proposal?

A. Each researcher can act as the 'primary applicant' for only one research proposal. The primary applicant is the person who will assume the main responsibility for participating in the Cyber Workshops and is also usually the principal investigator for the research. The primary applicant can participate in other research projects as a 'co-researcher', but there must be a different primary applicant for each research proposal.

Q. How can I confirm that my application form was correctly submitted to the Takeda Foundation?

A. If your application form is correctly received by our system, a confirmation e-mail is automatically delivered to the e-mail address specified on your application form. If you do not receive this e-mail confirmation, please contact us, as an error may have occurred.

Q. I tried to submit my application form along with my poster, and it seemed to be unsuccessful. What can I do?

A. There is a possibility that your Internet service provider restricts the maximum size of files that can be sent. Please contact your provider for details. If this problem still occurs, please send all of the information requested on the application form by e-mail to the address below. The poster must also be attached.
If you have other questions, please contact to the address below.


Intellectual Property

Q. Can a patent application be filed on an aspect of work disclosed during the workshops?

A. Since disclosure of your work during the workshops will mean it is known by others, we advise you to protect your intellectual property before the start of the workshops. The Takeda Foundation recommends that you discuss this with your own patent counsel, since patent laws differ from country to country. This does not constitute legal advice.

Q. Only participants are able to view the poster describing my research proposal and my comments during the Cyber Workshops, but is there a possibility that this material may be communicated by other participants to outside parties?

A. Yes. Participants in the workshops are not contractually bound to maintain confidentiality in regard to what they see or read during the Cyber Workshops.

Q. I would like to submit diagrams that will be posted during the Cyber Workshops to an academic journal. Will this be a problem?

A. Diagrams that have been posted in the Cyber Workshops may be published in the Takeda Foundation's journal. Researchers can submit their diagrams for publication in other journals as long as the Takeda Foundation can also publish these diagrams in its publications. (Diagrams in research proposals will be kept confidential for 10 years, as described in the 'Intellectual Property' section above.)

Q. Can I post diagrams during the workshops that have been previously published in academic journals?

A. Yes, but you must include references and clearly cite sources.


Cyber Workshops

Q. What is the format for the Cyber Workshops?

A. The Cyber Workshop discussions are carried out very much like an Internet bulletin board discussion. Questions from the Chairperson and from other participants, and answers to those questions, will be posted on the workshop site, along with posters and additional reference materials. The Chairperson, webmaster and applicants are all allowed to post comments and questions. Applicants can also pose questions freely between themselves regarding their research.

Q. Are the Cyber Workshops made public on the Internet? Is the URL for the Cyber Workshops accessible to anyone?

A. The Cyber Workshops are hosted on a Takeda Foundation website. Access to the Cyber Workshop URL can only be gained using an ID and password issued by the Takeda Foundation. Therefore, in principle, the URL for the Workshops can only be accessed by research applicants to the Takeda Techno-Entrepreneurship Award, the Chairperson and the Selection Committee, the webmaster (a staff member of the Takeda Foundation) and registered observers approved by the Takeda Foundation. Observers are only permitted to view the site, and are not able to post comments.

Q. What types of people participate in the Cyber Workshops and how many people are expected to participate in each workshop?

A. All applicants are expected to participate in the Cyber Workshops. The number of participants, therefore, depends on the number of applicants. Approximately 15 research proposals are selected during the first stage selection, after which the 15 remaining applicants continue their discussions in the workshops. In addition to research applicants, the Chairperson and the webmaster are permitted to participate in discussions. No one else is allowed to directly participate, but observers are able to read the material posted on the site. Details regarding observers can be found in the section entitled 'Guidelines for Registration of Observers.'

Q. How many workshops can I participate in?

A. You can only participate in 1 workshop session topic as a primary applicant. You can, however, observe other workshop sessions. You can also be a co-researcher in another group participating in a separate workshop session. Observers are able to view all workshop sessions.

Q. Can co-researchers participate in the workshop?

A. They can. When co-researchers participate in online discussions, they should state their name and organizational affiliation, and the fact that they are a co-researcher. The primary applicant can share his or her ID and password with co-researchers, but all statements and materials submitted by co-researchers will be treated as being the responsibility of the primary applicant. The primary applicant will be required to take full responsibility for all of his or her group's content, including all online comments and material.

Q. Will applicants who don't pass the selection process be prohibited from viewing the workshops?

A. Applicants who do not pass the selection process can still view the workshops. They will, however, no longer be able to participate.

Q. Can I participate in the workshops anonymously?

A. You can not. All participants are required to clearly state their name, organizational affiliation, position and email address. Participants in the workshops must take full responsibility for their comments during workshop discussions. The same is required of observers, although their email addresses may not be disclosed in some cases.

Q. How frequently am I expected to contribute to the workshops?

A. The frequency and length of time spent participating in the Cyber Workshops is not directly stipulated. However, active participation in the Cyber Workshop is taken into account in the selection process. While participation is encouraged throughout the Cyber Workshop, intensive discussions will be promoted by the chairperson(s) for two weeks before the first-round selection (all applicants are requested to participate) and for three weeks before the second-round selection (applicants who passed first-round selection will be requested to participate). Since applicants are likely to receive several questions from the chairperson(s) or other applicants during these periods, we recommend that you access the workshop site frequently to check on the status of proceedings and respond to questions. We encourage applicants to participate as proactively as possible and make use of this unique forum for constructive debate and collaboration. In passing, when someone submits his/her comment to the Cyber Workshop, an e-mail notification will be delivered automatically to all of the applicants of the session. (This notification will be sent to the e-mail address specified on your application form. You can opt not to have this email notification sent to you.)

Q. Will my poor level of English hurt my application?

A. Award recipients are selected on a purely technical basis. Your English language ability is not an issue in and of itself. We encourage you to do the best you can, and would emphasize that it will be sufficient if you can communicate your ideas in English.

Q. Can I withdraw statements that have been posted in the workshops?

A. You can post a comment to the effect that you withdraw a previous statement. However, once posted, comments will not be removed from the site.

Q. Are applicants under an obligation to answer the questions asked?

A. Applicants are under no obligation to answer the questions asked. However, answering questions posed by the Chairperson and other applicants will help explain your research and does influence the selection process. Active participation in online discussions, such as responding to questions, is one criterion in determing award selection. The extent of disclosure in responses is left to the discretion of the applicant.

Q. Can I withdraw from the Cyber Workshops?

A. You can withdraw from the Cyber Workshops at any time. This will, however, effectively cancel your application for the Award. If you wish to withdraw from the application process, please inform the Takeda Foundation.

Q. Will the posters be on display for the duration of the workshops?

A. The posters will be on display for the duration of the workshops, and following the closure of the workshops, for three years at a URL to be specified by the Takeda Foundation. The posters may also be included in materials published by the Takeda Foundation.


Selection of Award Recipients

Q. I am applying alone, but wonder if groups have an advantage in terms of the selection process?

A. Award recipients are chosen based on the technical merit and degree of practical application of their research. Whether the research is being conducted by an individual or a group does not influence the selection process.

Q. What is the screening process for applications (e.g., first-round and second-round selection)?

A. The first-round and second-round selections (finalist selection) are made on the basis of the strengths of research proposals (described in the posters) and participation during the Cyber Workshops. Following the second-round selection, Selection Committee Interviews are held. Selection Committee Interviews involve the applicants making a presentation to the Selection Committee, and responding to questions after the presentation. These interviews will be conducted via telephone conferencing, so you need not to come to our office. Finalists will be requested to submit PowerPoint presentation materials prior to the Selection Committee Interview. Winner selection is made on the basis of the interview with the Selection Committee, the research proposal, and discussions in the Cyber Workshop.

Q. What is the purpose of the telephone interview by Program Officers?

A. Telephone interviews are carried out in order to more deeply understand the proposed research, and the current status of research in the relevant field.



Q. There is another applicant in the workshop with whom I would like to collaborate on joint research. How should I proceed?

A. We encourage collaboration, and applicants are free to contact other applicants regarding joint research. You will have an opportunity to revise your original research proposal during the workshops. Please note, however, that direct contact between applicants is their own responsibility.

Q. What should I do if I am unable to access the workshop site or have other computer-related difficulties?

A. Please contact the Takeda Foundation Secretariat for advice. When contacting the Secretariat, please have in hand details about your operating system (OS), Internet browser, and the make of your computer.


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