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Purpose of the Award
Selection Process

Selection Process

Proposal of Session Subjects & Selection

Proposals for session subjects (themes) are invited from a broad spectrum of the public each year before selecting session subjects for the Takeda Techno-Entrepreneurship Award.
In consideration of the proposals, one subject for each of the three application fields (a total of three sessions) are selected by the Selection Committee each year. A chairperson with substantial knowledge of the subject is appointed for each session.

Submission of Research Proposals

A call for research proposals is then made. Research proposals should demonstrate a potential to human well-being, and should also fall within the scope of one of the session subjects for the year. Even if your proposal for a session subject is not selected, you are welcome to submit a research proposal that falls inside the scope of one of the selected sessions. Researchers/engineers are also welcome to submit a research proposal, regardless of whether they proposed a session subject or not.

Cyber Workshops

The Cyber Workshops are online arena. Applicants who have submitted research proposals for the Takeda Techno-Entrepreneurship Award take part in the workshop, and discuss one another's research proposals. The workshops take the form of an Internet discussion forum.
The workshops are a competitive area in which participants' contributions are considered to be part of the selection process. At the same time, however, it also provides a forum for collaboration between applicants. The workshops are also open to ‘observers’. It is hoped that collaborations may also emerge between observers and applicants.
The Cyber Workshops use English as its working language. It is hoped that the use of the Internet will allow participation from people all over the world.
Discussions will be moderated by the chairperson of each Cyber Workshop. The Foundation requests all applicants to supply a ‘poster’ that promotes their research proposal, for display online during the workshop. Applicants will respond to questions from the chairperson, but they may also initiate topics of discussion, allowing the exchange of opinions between applicants.
First selection and finalists selection will take place during the Cyber Workshop period.

First Selection

First selection is carried out based on an applicant's posters and discussions during the Cyber Workshops.

Approximately 15 applicants will be selected per session during the first selection process.

Applicants not selected during the first selection process will still be able to access the workshop and view its contents. They will, however, no longer be able to join the discussion.

Finalists Selection

Finalists selection is based upon discussions made to the workshops and final versions of research proposals.

Approximately 5 applicants will be selected per session during the finalists selection process.

Telephone Interview by Program Officers

A Program Officer from the Takeda Foundation will phone the corresponding applicants during the workshop or before the selection interview, and will interview applicants about their research.

Selection Committee Interview

A selection interview will be held to discuss the applicants remaining after the 2nd selection. The interview will include presentations by the finalists and questions asked to them by the Selection Committee.
Presentations are Q&A with Selection Committee will be carried out via telephone(meeting-phone).

Winners Selection

The Selection Committee will select, in principle, one award winner and four finalist commendations for each session, based on the final versions of research proposals, the telephone interview, and the results of the Selection Committee Interview. The awardees will be approved by the Board of Directors.

Registration of Observers

At the same time as a call for research proposal submissions, the Takeda Foundation invites ‘observers’ to participate in the Cyber Workshops, The aim of this invitation is to foster collaboration between researchers, as well as between researchers and people who are interested in investing in new technologies and start-ups, or offering other potential support.
Observers are not able to make contributions to the workshops, but can view applicants' posters and read the contents of discussions posted at the workshop site.

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