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Purpose of the Award
Selection Process

Award Information

Application Fields (Please click here for more information)

Social/Economic Well-Being (Information & Electronics)

Individual/Humanity Well-Being (Life Sciences)

World Environmental Well-Being (World Environment)

Who can Apply

Any individual or group may nominate themselves for the award.

Criteria for Applicants

There are no restrictions on nationality, age or organizational affiliation. Applicants may come from companies, universities, or nonprofit organizations. Researchers/engineers who have already funding from other sources are welcome to apply.

Applicants should:

Be engaged in creating new technology;

Be engaged in research that can be shown to have contribution to human well-being, be related to the session subjects for the year, and have clearly defined objectives;

Be available to participate in the Cyber Workshops;

Be able to manage any intellectual property rights to their own research proposal or arising from their involvement in the Cyber Workshops.

Number of Awards to be Made

In principle, one award winner and four finalist commendations are awarded per session.

Value of Awards

A maximum of 7 million yen will be awarded to the award winners.

A maximum of 500 thousand yen will be awarded to the finalists.

Presentation and Use of Award Money

The Takeda Foundation makes no restrictions on either the method or time period for use of the prize money.

The prize money will be paid into a bank account designated by the award winner, in principle between January 1st and March 31st during the year following the decision to make the award.

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